Street Preaching

Well these are my highly critical observations about street preaching, at least from within New Zealand.

People Type A attempt to preach on the streets to People Type B.

People Type A are different people to People Type B.

Too different.

When Type A speak, Type B struggle to understand what they are harping on about. Type A conform to the injection myth which is that no matter what I say or how I say it, because it makes sense to me it will make sense to you. Therefore the more I inject information into you, the more you will hear from Jesus. Thus the louder I preach, the better the message gets.

But no matter how ‘anointed’ we think we are, people cannot make sense of a different language. Hardly half the story spurts out as Jesus is ripped out of his own context. And let’s be honest, it can be just plain irritating.

People Type A attempt to street preach to People Type B.

People Type A have an agenda.

Are the Type A’s more interested in Mr. B or themselves? Will Type A learn to genuinely love the people around them and actually be interested in who they are talking to and recognise that they are in conversation with another human being, or do they just thrive on the feeling of being a do-gooder and actually miss out on what it looks like to serve in a wonderful kingdom?

Until an unconditional love that says no matter your opinions and decisions, I am still interested in who you are, is towards the reason for sharing, all that we will hear is a noisy gong and a clanging symbol.

And this is by far the worst of the problems:

People Type A attempt to street preach to People Type B.

In the process, Christians who are People Type B, see Type A, are stunned, and run from the risk of coming across like them.

The problem is that Type B Christian’s don’t dare attempt to share their faith with the boldness of Type A, nor are they invited to, because they know and love their own people type well enough to only be able to continue to apologise on behalf of Jesus for Type A. But when things stay this way, the only picture that people get of Jesus is really really weird.

For some this may come as a bit of a shock, but there is actually good stuff on offer from Jesus Christ. It is just a shame that Type B Christian’s struggle to share this.